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Actively Inactive

In General, Superfections on December 26, 2009 at 7:45 pm

2009 was the busiest year of my life. It included starting my first business (GiveAndDate.com) to producing another web 2.0 start-up for a client in New York City. Meanwhile, I travelled to places like Sarajevo, Budapest, Athens, Kithira, Montreal, San Francisco, Vermont, New Hampshire, Chicago, and of course a few trips back home to Kentucky. There was plenty of personal drama along the way and few boring moments. Needless to say, this blog was severely neglected and I realize I need to apply one of my golden rules of life to this space: if I don’t use something for 365 days, it has to be given away… with a few caveats for anything sentimental. Well, it hasn’t been quite a year since my last post, but long enough to realize I need to take this in a more useable direction. The blog needs to be for me instead of an audience (not that my game design posts had much of an audience). So without further adieu, please welcome the new mission of Superfected:

Superfected is a blog dedicated to those dreams we pursue — both sharred and personal, important and frivolous, attainable or not — as we all strike up for a better world. That being said (any girlfriend will tell you “that being said” is one of my catch phrases), I intend to post all kinds of good stuff on here that relates to my life… since most of my life is a series of pursuits. I hope you enjoy following along.

My name is Charley and thanks for reading.


What’s the Point?

In General on February 14, 2009 at 4:24 pm

“You play to win the game.” – Herman Edwards, mediocre professional football coach, currently seeking employment.

Secretariat winning the Belmont in record fashion.

What’s the point of starting a blog dedicated to all and everything related to non-digital games, all things strategy, and — in the spring time, the king of sporting events — the Kentucky Derby? Well, I’m just a guy who loves the art of game design and watching those that surround their choosen game exploiting the design to maximize their chances of winning (without cheating, of course). Everyone plays to win their game, it’s the golden rule of being a player. What seperates just any player and a great player, is the ability to recognize the ultimate paths that achieve the best odds that most often deliver victory. It’s the sort of thing Michael Lewis is making a career of writing about. Here, I just hope to make a nice little pastime for myself doing much of the same. And we’re off!